New York Real Estate

"I need to get in this New York real estate racket!" cried Slimy the Clown. "All them houses, all them apartments, all them vacant lots for the selling!"

Slimy the Clown was practically salivating. Actually, he might have been. But his make-up is such that you can't really tell what's real and what isn't.

"Slimy," I shouted. "New York real estate is a dangerous game. Don't start messing around with what you don't understand."

Slimy the Clown wasn't having it: "Speak for yourself, son! I understand this much: New York real estate is burning up and I want that fire!"

I told Slimy the Clown he would be fatally consumed by the conflagration at New York real estate's heart. Slimy the Clown said that was just fine.

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