New York Vacation

Being a great connoisseur of archaic media, one afternoon I gave my grandparents' basement a thorough search and found a veritable treasure trove. Among dusty electronic antiques, I found the old 8mm footage of their New York vacation.

The film has that charming, transparent, flickering quality. The shots go from blindingly bright in direct sunlight to dark and a little bleak in the valleys between skyscrapers.

With their wide smiles and comical waves, my grandparents apparently loved New York. Vacations prompted them to use their 8mm camera, thought little else did, it seems.

"A New York vacation is a good vacation," my granddad said to me once as he dunked an Oreo into an impossibly small glass of milk. Odd that that's stuck with me all these years.

Personally, I'm excited about my upcoming Croton-on-Hudson New York vacation.

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